Bronte Health & Rehab Center     

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BHRC Auxiliary

The BHRC Auxiliary is a non profit organization.  The purpose of the BHRC Auxiliary is to render volunteer services to the East Coke County Hospital Districe, dba Bronte Health and Rehab Center, and residents by providing funds, services, and material goods (such as equipment) to aid in the functions, services, and programs of the facility.

Funds are raised by membership dues and a once a year fund raiser on the 4th of July.

Dues are as follows:
1. ACTIVE: members who shall pay $10.00 per person per year. (For those who meet the minimum hours of service)
2. CONTRIBUTING: members who shall pay $20.00 per person per year. (Organizations or businesses that may or may not give volunteer service)
3. SUPPORTING: members who shall pay $50.00 per person per year. (Persons, organizations, or businesses who cannot give volunteer service)
4. DONATIONS: Always welcomed

Dues are payable to the Treasurer on April 1st of each year.  Monthly meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at 1:00pm (except for June, July, and August) in the dining room at BHRC.

No part of its net earnings shall be to the benefit of any officer, director, ember, or individual that has a personal and/or private interest in the activities of the BHRC Auxiliary; nor shall the BHRC Auxiliary ever declare or pay to any such persons any dividend or other distribution except for a reimbursement specific to BHRC Auxiliary expenditure.

Membership in the BHRC Auxiliary shall be open to all people interested in the community, health, and welfare of the BHRC residents, and who agree to abide by the policies of the BHRC Auxiliary and BHRC.  The BHRC Auxiliary is funded by membership dues (according to their 3 levels of membership), or major fundraiser for the year - the Annual July 4th Celebration, and of course donations and memorials are always welcome.

At the 4th of July fund raiser, the BHRC facility furnishes either a hot dog or hamburger meal for anyone in the community who wants to attend.  During the course of the afternoon and through dinner, there is a silent auction.  After the meal there is a live auction.  People in the community and all around furnish pies, cakes, breads, unusual items, or anything they think can be auctioned off.  After the auctions, at dusk, there is a really big fireworks display for all to enjoy.

The funds from dues and the 4th of July celebration are used to furnish various pieces of equipment and supplies for the facility that will benefit the residents.  The Auxiliary also purchases gifts for the residents at Christmas.

Funds collected from dues and fund raisers can only be used for the benefit of the residents.

Anyone interested in joining the BHRC Auxiliary or making a donation or memorial may contact:
     Doris Sims
     Secretary / Treasurer
     P.O. Box G
     Bronte, TX  76933

Thanks to all the supporters of the Bronte Health and Rehab Center Auxiliary for making the July 4th Hot Dog Supper, Auction & Fireworks Display a huge success!

$7,450.00 Raised

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Mitsubishi Power Systems America
Mayfield Paper Company
House of Chemicals
Ben E. Keith
Hall's Super Save Grocery
Bronte Evening Lions Club
Shear Heaven Salon
Main Street Market
CCR Twisters Restaurant
Massey's Pizza Barn
Bronte Volunteer Fire Department
First National Bank of Sterling City - Bronte
Wool & Cotton Shop
Glenn-Bivens Insurance

Bronte Health & Rehab Center Auxiliary
Bronte Evening Lions Club
Burwick's Fireworks

Joyce & George Snapp
Nellie Gloria
Josephine Galvan
Fran Sonnenberg
Linda & John DiFrancesco
Juanette & Kent Gentry
Nora Broadbent
Denise Gallaway
Ervin (Felder) Schraer
Mary McBrayer
Glenda & Joe Draper
Pat & Everette Bedford
Janet & Lee Wommack
Jean McShan
Judy & John Driggers
Beverly & Ron Sims
Gina & Harold McCutchen
Doris & Jesse Sims
Fredna & Elton Moore
Beverly Kitzman
Jo & Howard Baker
Lanette & Keith Fletcher
Sue Caudle
Jane & Ed Cumbie
Gail Reilly
Jerita & Stover Taylor
Elmer Hurley
Brenda Marvel
Ann & Rex Jones
Mary Jane & Beto Juarez
Jean Fancher
Kay & Alonzio Robbins
Merle & Larry Kelso
J.B. Arrott
Marilyn Bivins
Teresa Swecker
Ashley Braswell
Pat & Martin Lee
Gwen & Larry Dyess
Fran Crumpler
Dr. Ernest Charlesworth
Carolyn & Ronnie Robins
Michelle Hopson
Tanya & Glenn Burwick
Donna Berryhill
Brenda & Ray Barnett
Kay Gothard
Ida Black
Nelda Crawford
Judy Hanks
Cynthia Robinson
Jennifer Davidson
Donna Rutledge
Kay Kovack
Karen Taylor
Kaity Swecker
Elvia Casares
Amelia Ramirez
Jeannie Lemley
Julie Gilbert
Tracy Romatowski
Kimberly Cain
Corina Reyes
Carol Reyes
Trish Beck
Charlene Scott
Brandy Scott
David Kitten
Tena Weatherspoon
Rhonda Greenwood
Wayne McCutchen
Sharon Wilson
Kathy McCown
Lucy Casares
Melissa Nichols
Jorja Harendt
Sue Ann Nesbit
Sheila Henderson
Angela Minjarez 

And All Those Who Wish To Remain Anonymous

If I missed anyone, I'm truly sorry and I apologize.

Thanks to auctioneer Ed Cumbie, BHRC Staff, BHRC Auxiliary members, BHRC Board of Directors, the Prison (for the fireworks site), and a Great Big Thanks to the Bronte Volunteer Fire Department for setting off the fireworks and giving us a great show!.